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About Lille, an Apprentice and a Small Ball of Dough

When Désiré Smidts was still an apprentice at the confectionery Lacquemant in the northern French city of Lille, he created a new delicacy of his own. He put a small ball of dough in a waffle iron, turning it into a round, flat biscuit which he filled with delicious syrup of which only he knew the recipe. He named this delicacy Lacquemant, after his employer.


The Lacquemant became an instant smash hit. To this day – one hundred years later – it is a culinary concept that entices men, women and children at Belgium’s largest fairs. Marc Stoffels, Désiré De Lille’s grandson, continues this family tradition with unabated enthusiasm, offering this culinary specialty at fairs, in tearooms and at various points of sale.