• Take-out

Instant Taste of the City, in the City

You don’t really want to stay indoors on sunny days. Then you’d much rather go out with your friends or kids, and do something fun outdoors. Anyone who feels a bit hungry after such an outing will surely find something at Désiré De Lille’s takeout shop to suit their taste.


Our takeout shop is situated on the corner of Schrijnwerkersstraat. There, you can order the Désiré De Lille specialties to take away. Strolling through Antwerp with a delicious waffle or ice-cream cone on a sunny summer day – there’s nothing quite like it.


The way to a man’s heart, and also to a woman’s according to some, is through the stomach. With this cool takeout Désiré De Lille is sure to win the hearts of many Antwerp residents. From now on, no one has to wait for the annual Sinksenfoor (Whitsun Fair) anymore to be able to enjoy delicious ‘smoutebollen’ (Dutch doughnuts).