• Tearoom

Dining and Waffling in the Heart of Antwerp

There are several ways to spend a day in the bustling city of Antwerp. Early birds and night owls alike can easily find something there to suit their taste. They have one thing in common though: Neither of them can resist the smell of freshly baked waffles, pancakes and Lacquemants.


The tearoom of Désiré De Lille is probably one of the most famous establishments in Antwerp by now. Wildly enthusiastic kids, hungry students and lovebirds, they all find their way to the tearoom. Whether you enter the place for the first time, or consume a waffle there every week, there is a taste of heaven in each bite.


Désiré De Lille’s tearoom consists of a spacious hall and a large terrace. On our covered terrace, set in the inner garden, you can enjoy delicacies. At Désiré De Lille, groups can retreat into a cosy, separate room. That doesn’t have to mean cutting down on the fun though: Here, you are free to turn up the volume.